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No end of term films

no popcorn

We all might be feeling “end of term fatigue” at this time of year, so what better way to celebrate all our hard work than to let students watch some films on the last day of term. They are an easy way to reward students and wind down, they keep them quiet, it’s relaxing, and we can join in with our students with the popcorn and soda, right?

Well maybe. I love to watch films with friends; The laughs are just that bit bigger when you watch them as a group and can all join in, but if all you do with students at the end of term is watch films, you could be missing out. The two games below are end of term standards for me. They can only be played when groups of people are together so are ideal ways of making the most of the last day and have some fun.

Game 1 – Speed Pictionary. (Kit required = pen and paper).

Like Pictionary, but with running about. Two (or more) teams of students have a pile of scrap paper and a pen. Each group sends a student to you to get the first word on a list (make sure you hide the other words from each student). They run back to their teams and have to draw the word. The first student to guess the picture correctly runs back to you for the second word and so on. The team to reach the bottom of the list first wins. You can have themed lists (band names, films, foods, countries, football teams etc). I suggest you have up to 10 words on each list. Some great laughs to be had as students scream “what the hell is that!!” at each other. Obviously the person drawing cannot speak.

Game 2 – The famous name game. (Kit required = pen and paper, 3 buckets or trays, timer)

All students write the names of 4 different famous people on four separate pieces of paper, screw them up and put them into one big bucket (tray or equivalent). Divide the teams into two groups.

Round 1 – Each group has one minute to pull as many names as they can out of the bucket and describe each of them to their friends without saying the name of the person. All correct names go into a bucket for that team. After one minute it is the turn of the opposing team. The game continues until all the names are gone. Count up the names in each bucket, the one with the most names wins.

Round 2 – All names go back into the central bucket and the game repeats, but this time each team member can only say one word. As the names are the same as the round before, students should be able to work out who each person is referring to.

Round 3 – Same again, but each team member cannot speak and can only act out the name.

Hope you have fun with them. If you have any alternatives or different ways of playing them let me know. Have a great last week of term and a restful break.



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