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Blooms Snakes and Ladders

My blooms snakes and ladders has been quite popular on social media and has been viewed nearly 6000 times on my TES account (if you don’t have it click here). Like most of my ideas it was stolen from lots of other people so if you are interested in seeing these (never forget to big up the people you steal from) scroll down the page. I still get asked how it is used so I have written this blog to help out.


Students write questions in each box (they have to write down the answers on a separate sheet of paper). The questions increase in difficulty as the Blooms starter prompts are written in each square. The sheets are then passed to another group. Each group plays snakes and ladders on the sheet (if you have never played this, were you raised by wolves? click here for instructions). Whatever square they land on requires them to answer the question. Groups of three or four are ideal for this game. Once they have played it they can pass round the sheets to different groups and play each others versions.

For examples of how it has been used check out these from @87History whose students created these versions about the Spanish Armada and the causes of WW1…

@nainisingh shared these versions of student at @StCuthbertsRE of Year 7s using the grid for learning about the Christian faith in an RE Lesson. You can watch them using it on this YouTube clip here

I first saw snakes and ladders being used for learning when Rachel Jones (@rlj1981) used masking tape to make a giant one on the floor of her classroom back in 2013…


Rachel Jones’s (@rlj1981) giant snakes and ladders game made using masking tape

Not sure whether the following versions were inspired by Rachel, but since her masking tape version I found these others. @PE4Learning shared this version below which includes SOLO taxonomy and has the Blooms questioning prompts increasing in challenge as you progress through the game..


Miss R McAuley (@MissMcScience) made this version of the one above which is what I used to make my version…




@MissL_Amos has used a mixture of Blooms and student’s own questions for poetry comparison and revision by making revision cards for different squares…

If you have created anything similar I would love to hear from you. Please drop my a tweet at  @lessontoolbox if you have any versions you would like to share.



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