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Homework Menus have been around for a while in a number of forms and themes. I have attempted to collect my favourite versions below to inspire you to make your own. If you want to read more about their efficacy and where the ideas for the concept have come from then there is an excellent blog by Ross McGill (@teachertoolkit) here http://www.teachertoolkit.me/2014/01/28/takeawayhmk/

I have started with my own digital homework version which I have developed over the past couple of years. Some menus have instructions for pupils which are subject specific. I think that these might be better for students in term of scaffolding their learning, but these can be time consuming to make. The best ones I have seen are set up so that students can use them over the term or half term and select what they want to complete based on the level of difficulty (that the point of the menu. What I wanted to make was a menu I could give to students which would allow them to decide the method of completing the work, but that I could change the target of the project.

The version below is a smorgasbord (love that word) of ways to demonstrate their understanding but with a blank target they can write on or that I can type our before I print them. You can download it here


Below or some versions I really like that I have added download and author links to. I might blog about them later, but just wanted to get the examples posted now. Enjoy!

Classic and possibly the most famous homework menu I have seen online. The Nando’s homework menu has been copied by lots of teachers, but this is the original by @ItsNads88 (twitter address no longer works though, assume they have left twitter or changed their name).


Subject specific versions here by Ms Foster at The City of Leicester College which provides tasks to student studying “Holes” by Louis Sachar”and “Private Peaceful” by Michael Morpurgo.


Two amazeballs examples here by @MrStoneEnglish. Definitely a future as a graphic designer if teaching doesn’t work out Mr Stone! Love the attention to detail. Download pdf and ppt versions here.


This looks just like my local Chinese takeaway menu…


I have never seen any menus that didn’t show practice worth stealing, but this one from Jamie Clark (@JamieClark85) and Miss Coe (@TS5timeshare) is next level awesome. None of Jamie Clarke’s work looks like it has knocked up in an afternoon and this is no exception. As soon as I saw this homework menu I thought, “Wow, I wish these guys taught my kids” and came up with the #iwishyoutaughtmykids award. Based on the Starbucks coffee shop style, this is a homework menu to rival all others. Not sure how they achieved the chalk board style, but it is very impressive.


All I have time to blog today. Will try and add some more this week 🙂




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