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Blooms Snakes and Ladders

My blooms snakes and ladders has been quite popular on social media and has been viewed nearly 6000 times on my TES account (if you don’t have it click here). Like most of my ideas it was stolen from lots of other people so if you are interested in seeing these (never forget to big up the people … Continue reading

No end of term films

We all might be feeling “end of term fatigue” at this time of year, so what better way to celebrate all our hard work than to let students watch some films on the last day of term. They are an easy way to reward students and wind down, they keep them quiet, it’s relaxing, and … Continue reading

Buzzing about Hexagons

Hexagons. Who knew that bees had the secret to understanding the connections between ideas, concepts and facts? I have been using hexagons with groups of children and teachers over the past year but it took me a while to get it. I had seen them on social media posted by teacher heroes like Russel Tarr … Continue reading

Annotated timelines

I have seen timelines used in lots of subjects, not just History, to great effect. They are effective ways to help learners grasp when events happen and how concepts and ideas have developed over time. I was very impressed by the examples shared here by @BBGHistory and @becbouche to help students understand the events during the US … Continue reading

Scrabble letters

Scrabble letters used here to create key words shared by Mrs Cave (@MrsCGeog) who picked this up from a colleague at recent teach meet. @BGSTeachBetter says that Home Bargains store has letters games for £2 and each bag has 4 sets of the alphabet.

Till roll ticker tape plenary

Till roll ticker tape plenary is an idea shared by Head of Humanities Carol Stobbs (@littlestobbsy) and involves asking students to summarise their learning in a headline and/or summary on till roll paper. The example used here is on the Sarajevo assassination . Carol uses them across classes and as a starter in the following lesson.

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