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The door game! (Possibly the best plenary game in the world…)

I think I have been playing this for as long as I have been teaching. Doubt that I came up with it, but can’t remember where I stole it from and I have definitely made it my own, so I am claiming this one… You ask questions to the students based on the lesson. Kids … Continue reading

No end of term films

We all might be feeling “end of term fatigue” at this time of year, so what better way to celebrate all our hard work than to let students watch some films on the last day of term. They are an easy way to reward students and wind down, they keep them quiet, it’s relaxing, and … Continue reading

Paper, pen and assessment triangles

Over the past couple of years, I have changed the way I record student progress. Previously I always recorded student homework and assessment data directly onto Excel spreadsheets. Unfortunately, this requires a laptop to be switched and the mark book to be opened which takes time and as they occupy the same space this means … Continue reading

Buzzing about Hexagons

Hexagons. Who knew that bees had the secret to understanding the connections between ideas, concepts and facts? I have been using hexagons with groups of children and teachers over the past year but it took me a while to get it. I had seen them on social media posted by teacher heroes like Russel Tarr … Continue reading

Annotated timelines

I have seen timelines used in lots of subjects, not just History, to great effect. They are effective ways to help learners grasp when events happen and how concepts and ideas have developed over time. I was very impressed by the examples shared here by @BBGHistory and @becbouche to help students understand the events during the US … Continue reading

Scrabble letters

Scrabble letters used here to create key words shared by Mrs Cave (@MrsCGeog) who picked this up from a colleague at recent teach meet. @BGSTeachBetter says that Home Bargains store has letters games for £2 and each bag has 4 sets of the alphabet.

Till roll ticker tape plenary

Till roll ticker tape plenary is an idea shared by Head of Humanities Carol Stobbs (@littlestobbsy) and involves asking students to summarise their learning in a headline and/or summary on till roll paper. The example used here is on the Sarajevo assassination . Carol uses them across classes and as a starter in the following lesson.

“You can’t give us homework, we have to revise!”

How many times have you heard something like this? You plan a test, exam or assessment for your class, give them some homework or an independent learning activity to prepare them and a student in the class shouts out “…but you can’t give us homework, we have to revise!”. Many students struggle to grasp how … Continue reading

Tweet your learning (It’s all about the hashtag)

I have used a few Twitter-templates and exit tickets for students to summarise their learning. This one I made recently for students to write at the start, middle and end of a lesson or series of lessons. They are a great way to show development of learning and student understanding (especially by looking at what … Continue reading

Embedding Coaching and Mentoring to improve Teaching and Learning

How does teaching and learning improve in your school? How open are colleagues to being coached to improve? Are teachers disengaged or anxious at the prospect of being observed? The following is an effective way to approach staff to begin the process of addressing their areas for development. It will show how to establish coaching … Continue reading

The 5 Minute EAL Student Support Plan

I have been very lucky in my teaching career to work in a variety of schools in Bradford, Peterborough and Leicester. All these organisations have a diverse ethnic mix of students, and my experiences in them have helped form tried and tested ideas about effective ways to support EAL students. I recently invited a specialist … Continue reading

The Smiley Game & The Frowny System

Teachers the world over have their own way of rewarding children for good questions, attempting answers, having positive attitude to learning and being helpful, happy and ambitious. It isn’t rocket science, just find an explicit way of showing students that they are moving in the right direction; names on the board, gold stars, house points, … Continue reading

Student Revision Toolbox

We are now well into “Silly Season” and students are coming to me with worries and stresses about revision issues and how to revise. I have used a student revision toolbox for a few years now to make sure students don’t get bored or disengaged with revision strategies. Here are 64 ideas for revising alone, with … Continue reading

T = Target feedback system

A few weeks ago I visited Hinde House school in Sheffield to look at how they have been successful in raising attainment in Maths. One of the (many) great ideas I saw was a numbered feedback system where marked work was annotated with “T” numbers. These numbers corresponded to posters on the wall showing different … Continue reading

Twitter Starter/Plenary

I made a Twitter starter/plenary activity today. Download the editable version here if you want to tweak it… https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Twitter-Starter-Plenary-6451933 I have seen some excellent ideas for hashtags which link to the topic. A pupil in my biology class today wrote “#wholettheeggsout” to link to the menstrual cycle, genius!

Apps for Learning

I went to BETT 2014 recently and saw some amazing presentations from @theICTAdvisor, @rlj1981 and @danielharvey9 about the use of apps in and out of the classroom for learning. Since then I have been trialing out a few of them and will post my efforts in future blogs. Here are a few of the ones … Continue reading

Pete’s Lesson Toolbox – July 2013

Pete’s Lesson Toolbox – July 2013 Ideas for using this tool box Add a tick to each activity when you use it so you increase the variety in your lessons If you find any new ideas please email them to lessontoolbox@hotmail.com Demonstrating progress/Benchmarking students Write down all you know in starter and then again in … Continue reading

iMovie to summarise notes

Use iMovie to summarise student notes. Very easy to use (see link below) iMovie by Apple https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/imovie/id377298193?mt=8

Lesson Toolbox for May 2013

Lesson Toolbox for May 2013   This month’s “Lesson Toolbox”. This is a list of non-subject specific ideas for learning in lessons. It is currently at 214 ideas. I usually send this out every month, depending on how busy I am! I hope you find them useful. For updates follow me on Twitter @Lessontoolbox. Kind … Continue reading

Lesson Toolbox May 2013

Pete’s Lesson Toolbox – May 2013 Ideas for using this tool box Add a tick to each activity when you use it so you increase the variety in your lessons If you find any new ideas please email them to peteslessontoolbox@hotmail.co.uk Demonstrating progress/Benchmarking students Write down all you know in starter and then again in … Continue reading

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